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Ruwanweli Seya

Ruwna weli seya is the third largest stupa in Anuradhapura whereas the first is ___. It is considered as one of the Solosmasthana (16 places of veneration) built by the Great King Dutugemunu in 140 B.C. King King Dutugemunu was the first ever king who centralized the whole country under his hand. After winning a long lasted battle with Chola King Elara he united Sri Lanka. The stupa is designed with a shape of a water bubble. Further you can see a small model of the stupa in the south west side of the Stupa.

King Dutugemunu began to built this monument on a Vesak Full moon Poya day on the month of May. It is said that, the area was leveled , then the round stones were placed and stamped by the elephants. According to the Bhikku notices King Durtugemunu imported fine clay from Himalayn mountains for the construction. After that the bricks were placed and bounded with a pulp of with Crushed Dolomite, sieved sand and the clay which supported to stop the movements within the structure. King Dutugemunu arranged to place the foundation stone on a Asala Poya day (Full moon pya day of the month of July).

King dutugemunu had placed 8 golden pots, hundred and eight vases around them Eight golden and silver biscuits were placed at 8 corners in the Stupa. King Dutugemunu also enriched the stipa with gifted relics of Lord Buddha in a relic chamber inside the Ruwanweli maha seya. Arahants determined not to hand over the relics to enemies. In the same occasion all the arahants and people were addressed with a Dhamma talk by the great Arahant Piyadassi. Significantly it made 40000 arahants , 40000 sotapatti pala,1000 of sakurdagami and 1000 of anagami having heard of it.

The workers were paid with salaries, food and clothing. A beautiful Ruby is at the top of the kotha and replaced on a rock crystal which is 60 cm high and donated by Burumese.

King Dutugemunu ruled Sri Lanka for 24 years. Unfortunately he had to die wheraeas the great stupa was not fully completed, under the chorus of protective sutras of arahants and looking at the Ruwan weli maha Seya. Rest of the construction was carried out by his brother King Sadhdhatissa. It is believed that the King Dutugemunu was born at Thusitha heaven due to the great service done on behalf of his sacrifice for Buddhism.

Ruwnaweli maha seya may second in priority just because of Jaya sri Maha Bodhi as it is more sacred.