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Samadhi Statue

Samadhi Statue of Lord Buddha is worshiped by lots of local and international tourists since from the past. It is another destination that should be toured or visited in Sri lanka instead of relaxing your mind.Looming over the entire site of Mahamevnawa Park in Anuradhapura, Samadhi Statue is situated in the middle of the Park. This enviable statue possesses a deep meditation and the position of Lord Buddha at the first Enlightenment on his way to Nirvana. The statue can be easily found in the East from the Abhayagiri Dagoba, on the south west of the Sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and on the shore of Tissa Wewa.

Presently it is covered with a metal roof over the statue. The statue takes you to the ancient skilled architectural and knowledge in Sri Lanka around 3rd and 4th century. Yet the government authorities found the Samadhi statue in 1886 it had been fallen down from the seated place. The nose of the statue had to be reconstructed. But it took an artificial appearance to the Statue. The government authorities had to place it properly and conserve it. Otherwise, it would have vanished.

Even Indian National Leader Sri Jawaharlal Nehru had a personal adornment on this statue of Lord Buddha when he was imprisoned by British Government. He said that he could gain confidence and strength and lose his pain when beholding of the Samadhi Statue. This meditate pose of Lord Buddha is called Dhyana Mudra, sitting cross legged and upturned palms placed one over the other on the lap. It is obvious to say that this 8 feet statue, carved on granite is an enormous shrine. The eyes of the statue were pierced with special stones as they are delved. Archeologists say that It gives you a slight sympathy from the right side occasionally it indicates slight happiness from the left side.

Finally it gives you a neutered feeling from the front. So that some argue that this statue teaches us a broader lesson of Buddhism regarding ‘How to tolerate your feelings’. In my point of view, instead of a single glance at the statue is also a meditation. Archeologists say that the originator of this statue has beautifully placed the eyes of Lord Buddha as no similar as to any other statue of the entire world. Verbally this is one of the best sculptures in Anuradhapura, the birth place of Sri Lankan civilization.