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Thuparamaya Temple

Thuparamaya, which was built by the King Devanampiyatissa during his reign of 3rd century BC, on the behest of the Arahath Mahinda, a special envoy from the King Asoka, is said to be one of the sacred monuments of Sri Lanka.

According to legend, History says that, it is said that the Thuparamaya, was also used as a monastery, housing monastic monks and was also served as an infirmary a little over 2000 years ago. The excavations have discovered the remains of the latrine systems and the medical equipment’s which is said to have been used by the personnel of the ancient medical hospital. It is evident, through the pillars on the site of the base of the stupa, that this stupa to has had a watadageya. The archaeological, through studying the site, states that the protective shield (watadageya), must’ve been the shape of a blossoming lotus. As the tank is not too far from the Stupa, as the sun sets, the cold breeze would wrap around you giving you a relaxed feeling. Furthermore, as the dageba is a pinnacle among the Buddhist devotees, it’s also recommended to visit the dageba during the full moon poya day, as it would give you a break from the busy hustling of the life. The stupa is known as one of the impressive temples in the sacred city of Anuradapura. Many Buddhists devotees visit the sacred place every day. Tourists are advice to cover their shoulders and knees when they visit the sacred place. .