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Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka is a picture-perfect destination that nature lovers who visit the country rarely miss. The bumpy, winding trails lead to the very heart of the jungle where the unspoiled beauty of nature flourishes. The national park is a haven for wildlife. Many of these elusive creatures venture out of their hiding places to the open areas of the park from time to time, unfazed by the prying eyes of human visitors.

“Villus” which act as natural lakes are an interesting feature here. These alluring little sand-rimmed pools that are interspersed within the park fill with rainwater and attract large numbers of birds.

Wilpattu National Park has a leopard population. These apex predators thrive in the thick jungles and if one is lucky, one may be spotted during safari tours. In addition to leopards, Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan sloth bears, spotted deer, and water buffaloes can also be seen in Wilpattu.

The history of Wilpattu National Park is quite fascinating as well. The queen Kuweni, who is said to be the mother of the Sinhala race, is believed to have lived here. Some say Prince Saliya, the son of the great King Dutugemunu, also resided here 2,000 years ago.

The best time to visit Wilpattu National Park is between February and October, though the park attracts a steady stream of visitors all through the year.