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Miriswetiya, yet another renown place to be touring in Sri Lanka can be found on a ride along the banks of Tisa wewa in the ancient city Anuradhapura Sri Lanka. It is just 1 km to the east of Sri Maha Bodhi and identified that it is smaller than the great Ruwanweli maha seya. Travelers and tourists never neglect this stupa as it depicts a great history of Sri Lanka. Further Mirisawetiya is the first construction of king Dutugemunu of Ruhuna who ruled Sri Lanka around 161-131 B.C after capturing the city. Even King Dutugemunu who is recognized as the hero of our nation also built a memorial tomb for defeating slain Dravidian Elara in the Battle of Vijithapura. It is happy to say that south Indian invasions also dominated for improving Sinhala architectural designs and arts. There is a monk’s refectory in the north east side completed of huge stone basins which were used for pouring boiled rice which can be offered for 1000 single servings. Further, the Stupa is surrounded by ruined monasteries and buildings.

There was a water festival on the 7th day after the victory of defeating our nation from Chola. King Dutugemunu went for a bathe in the tank and left his caparisoned ornate in the bank. In his return, he was quite hurry to find it yet he found his scepter consisted of a relic of Lord Buddha. He felt that this incapable sacred monument as an auspicious sign and prompted him to build his first monument, a Dagoba. And also he dedicated the stupa to the Buddhist monks as an amendment for his failure in offering a rice and curry meal, well spiced of chilies as he had tasted them first without making the alms giving. King Dutugemunu was a truthful ruler on behalf of the ancient kings of Sri lanka. After having a complete construction in 3 years the king donated the Dagoba to Sangha.

Ruins found at the premises of Mirisawetiya still remains us about the architectural culture and tradition of Sri lanka at that time. Soon after the Chola Invasion, these aggressors, who were trying to surrender Sri Lanka destroyed Mirisawetiya completely. Therefore it was rebuilt by King Kashyapa the fifth around 929-938 AD. Mirisawetiya is recently being restored to become one of the forefronts of the oldest and largest city, Anuradhapura.